Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Diddy Salutes Marcus Garvey


As the world celebrated the 130th anniversary of the birth of Jamaica’s first National Hero Mwalimu Marcus Garvey on Thursday, some entertainers took to social media to salute Garvey for his work and inspiration as a black conscious leader.

Business mogul and rapper Sean P. Diddy Combs used both his Instagram and Twitter platforms to urge his fans to learn more about Garvey. In his post Diddy had this to say, “If you do not know who Marcus Garvey is, google him.”

Stephen Marley, Capleton, I-Octane, Busta Rhymes and Deep Jahi, also made posts acknowledging the importance of Marcus Garvey.

On Sunday August 20, IRIE FM will commemorate the life and works of Garvey with a full day of celebrations slated to run from 6am to 12 midnight in the IRIE FM Courtyard.










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